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Great Issues and Controversies of the Modern World - Summer 2019: Biodiversity Poster Project


As you work on this poster project, remember the three main questions are you trying to answer:

1. What is the problem?

2. How do we know it is a problem, or, in essence, what is the evidence?

3. In your opinion, what can be done about this problem?

Reference & Secondary Sources

Begin your research by getting some background on your topic. Start with the following database, which includes reference source material, newspapers, magazine articles, and more. Search for either "biodiversity" or the name of the country you are researching, or select "Browse Topics" or "Browse Map" at the top left to explore.

If you need more information on your specific country or area of the world, try the following database. It will provide you with in-depth articles on a particular country's history, economy, and geography, and even supply you with statistics regarding agriculture, forestry, industry, and more.

If you want more scientific information, images, and graphs, try the following database. Organized by biome, it provides information regarding function, resources, diversity, and threats.

Writing & Citation