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HSS 595 - Fashion in History: Archives Project - Resources

Finding Sources for the Project


On this page, you'll find links to resources that will support your Daily Research Journal assignment.  Some links will be available via the P.A. Archives and others will be external repositories.  Depending on the entries for your research, you may want to find other sources, as well.  Feel free to ask Dr. Roberts or Ms. Tompkins if you need assistance.  Look for the description in the box headers to determine how to cite these resources.  






Timetable, regulations, and policies of the Lowell Mills, Massachusetts, for 1853. courtesy of the american textile history museum.

Resources from the P.A. Archives


**Cite these in NT as "Where is it"? >> Website, "What is it"? >> Webpage (or as the item you find on the webpage if it is a work of visual art, a letter, etc.).

Selected E-Books

**In Noodletools, cite these as "Where is it"? >> Database (or Website), "What is it"? >> Book.  This will allow you to add the link to get you back to the book. 

Selected Books on Reserve