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Spanish 501 Advanced Spanish Language Colloquium: Welcome

Welcome to OWHLguide for Spanish Dept.

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Course Description

This advanced, intensive language course is designed for students of Spanish that have completed their language requirement and seek an immersion experience. Students will continue to sharpen their linguistic competencies in speaking, listening, writing and reading and will explore an assortment of authentic resources in doing so, including:

  • Contemporary writing, arts and cinema,
  • Thought-provoking audio and video recordings,
  • In-person interviews and cultural exchanges, and
  • Current events portrayed in Spanish-language media.

These authentic resources will reflect the diversity of registers heard throughout the Spanish-speaking world—Spain, Latin America and Latino USA—and will expose students to a wide range of cultural, social and historical phenomena, particularly the Hispanic presence in the USA.

Students will have many opportunities to synthesize and analyze these topics through various communicative modes (interpersonal, interpretive and presentational) in class discussions and written work, in oral/aural exercises, and in presentations delivered to their peers. Students will complete a research project and participate in a colloquium with the greater Spanish-speaking community. Students who take this course will be better prepared to take the AP Spanish Language Exam in May, though the greatest emphasis will be placed on holistic communication and multi-lingualism as an intellectual and social asset.

World News

World News presents and distributes news, sport, business and entertainment around the globe.

PressDisplay provides a global perspective on the world's events with an instant access

- to 5,000 newspapers

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World News en Espanol 

CNN News en Espanol

BBC MUNDO in Spanish

El Pais

Brushing Up Your Presentation Skills

Debates and debating. 

Oral communication.

Public speaking

Persuasion (Rhetoric)

Ten Secrets For Using PowerPoint Effectively

Want to learn more about research and writing?  Please visit this Writer's Reference Center.

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