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Chinese History: Introduction

To support Chinese history classes by the Chinese Dept.

Welcome to the Chinese History Resource Guides 欢迎

你好!欢迎你上我们为你们特别设计的网站。 Hello, welcome to the page we created especially for you! 

历史上的今天 Today on History: 历史人物

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World News on China

World News - China presents and distributes news, sport, business and entertainment around China.

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Effective Ways of Doing Information Research

The four key steps are to : Get Organized; Gather Information; Use the Information; and Reflect. To learn more about the details of a research process, please click Research without Pain.

As always, we are happy to help you and show you more if you simple visit the library or email to the library.  We are here to help you!

China has "best record" of Poverty Reduction

Map of China 中国地图