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Faculty Services: Instruction

The purpose of this OWHL Guide is to inform the faculty of library resources and services as well as ways they can incorporate different resources into their courses.

Information Literacy and Research Instruction

The OWHL's research instruction program is designed to fit in seamlessly with your curriculum.

Information skills are not outside or separate from your course's subject matter. Rather, they are a range of abilities that can help students succeed in your class. All students should be able to recognize when they need information and have the capacity to locate, evaluate, and effectively use the information they find. When you collaborate with us students become more empowered, independent learners.

All OWHL instruction sessions are tailored to the subject area, class level, and your own curricular goals. We work within your timeframe, whether it's a 20 minute refresher on citation skills in your classroom or a research paper that requires students to delve deep into a topic at the library for a week. Here is just a small sample of the classes we've taught in the past:

  • Introduction to research: reference sources, databases, books, scholarly journals, and primary sources
  • How to develop a research question
  • Advanced research skills and techniques in the sciences and humanities
  • Source evaluation and annotated bibliographies
  • Workshop on primary sources: finding, evaluating, and incorporating them into a paper
  • Academic integrity and plagiarism
  • Citation (MLA, Chicago/Turabian, and APA): footnotes, in-text citations, works cited, and bibliographies
  • Website evaluation, media literacy, and Google search skills
  • Thesis development and writing skills

While the OWHL is known for research, you don't have to have a research assignment in place to work with us. We can help develop assignments that enhance and expand students' understanding of scholarship in your subject area. If you're seeing a need in your class, we will work with you to come up with lesson plans, assignments, or in-class activities that will get your students on track. 

How to Schedule Instruction

We will work with you to ensure that each research instruction session supports your learning outcomes and is appropriate to the skill level of your students. To give us enough time to gather resources, create an OWHL Guide, and/or plan in-class activities, we ask that instruction sessions are requested at least a week in advance.

Want to make sure your research prompt is doable? Not sure how to craft an effective research assignment? Get in touch! We would love to work with you to create or hone a research project. Check out examples of past assignments, collaborations, and lesson plans on the right.

To arrange a research instruction session, simply contact the librarian in your liaison area.

Michael Blake
Associate Director of the OWHL  |  x4234
Liaison Areas: Economics, Mathematics, and Science

Shawna Egan
Research & Instructional Design Librarian  |  x4232
Liaison Areas: History, Religion & Philosophy, and Art

Beth Tompkins
Research & Instructional Design Librarian  |  x4227
Liaison Areas: History, English, Psychology & Theatre & Dance

Sharon Pei
Instructional Librarian  |  x4228
Liaison Areas: World Languages and Global Studies

Claudia Wessner
Makerspace Coordinator  |  x4235
Liaison Areas: Makerspace

Assignment Development, Lesson Plan Samples, & Departmental Support

Assignment Development

We can work with you to create, enhance, or adjust assignments. With advance notice, we can even take your research assignment(s) for a "test run" and ensure the OWHL has enough resources to support it. If needed, we can suggest alternative or additional topics to make sure students are challenged appropriately according to their skill and grade level.

Integrating Research Skills into Your Course

In addition to stand-alone assignments or single homeworks, we can work with you to develop a research skills curriculum that will fit in with your syllabus and course content. In a past example, an OWHL librarian worked together with a History teacher to develop a comprehensive research skills program for the off-cycle History 300. Throughout the 3-term course, skills were introduced, developed, and then built upon. This scaffolded approach aligned with course content and helped students improve their research and writing skills leading up to the History 310 paper. You can see the plan here:


Example OWHL Lesson Plans/In-Class Activities

Take a look at a sample of the types of classes the OWHL offers:

Library Instruction Offerings