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French 500/600 Francophone Civilizations, Literatures, and Cinemas: Introduction

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Welcome to this guide that Ms. Pei, the Instructional & Research Librarian, created especially for you!

Course Description

Students explore works of literature, films, and current events to develop their critical-thinking skills and understand the cultural and social contexts of the French-speaking world. The course also includes instruction in language skills and in the methodology of expository writing in French.

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Effective Ways of Doing Information Research

The four key steps are to : Get Organized; Gather Information; Use the Information; and Reflect. To learn more about the details of a research process, please click Research without Pain.

As always, we are happy to help you and show you more if you simple visit the library or email to the library.  We are here to help you!

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Publications on Modern French Culture

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Regions where French Is Spoken

  Regions where French is the main language
  Regions where it is an official language
  Regions where it is a second language
  Regions where it is a minority language

Source: Wikipedia on France Language

World News on France

World News - Europe presents and distributes news, sports, business and entertainment around Europe.

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