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Mendeley Citation Tool: Oliver Wendell Holmes Library

Describes the installation, use, tips and tricks of Mendeley's Reference Manager and desk top client.

Why Use Mendeley?

Mendeley iconUsing Mendeley allows quick access to your research as you find, analyze, review, use, cite, and store your research findings. Mendeley is a very sophisticated software that integrates with the Internet and Microsoft Word. An account created in Mendeley can be accessed from ANY device if your primary device is lost, stolen, or breaks. The Mendeley community, primarily a scientific cohort, also shares materials within the community and supports each other when questions arise. This community is a great foundation for early budding scientists. For those who have completed their HSS 300 paper without Mendeley, welcome to the new way of doing research.

Below I have placed two images of Mendeley. The left one is the 'desktop client' and the right one is the 'web access client'. Once an account is created, these two work environments are continuously synchronized with one another so that your research is always up-to-date and available! If you have any questions about this software, see the science library liaison in the OWHL. 

Mendeley desktop clientMendeley web access

Setting up an account

Setting up an account in Mendeley

Setting up an account in Mendeley is a relatively easy process. Go to

Opening screen to create a free account on Mendeley

Click on Create a free account. 

Enter the e-mail address you want to set the account to. I recommend you use an account that can be used after you have graduated from Phillips Academy. This account will then be accessible during your college years and beyond. 

Elsevier will send a confirmation e-mail to the account you set. Go to that account and confirm your password. 

Elsevier confirmation request

In this step you will need to fill in 1) Given name, 2) Family name, and 3) Password. Once you have created your account hit "Continue"

Elsevier continue prompt

Elsevier will then ask to confirm the account/password

Confirm your account and password

Elsevier will then send a congratulations on setting up the account and require you to re-enter the account's password

Congratulations on setting up your account

FINALLY you get to start working with your newly created Mendeley Reference Manager account.

Mendeley Reference Manager web access account

The New Mendeley Reference Manager

When to Cite?

You must use citations when:

  • You use a direct quote from a resource.
  • You paraphrase a sentence or paragraph from a source.
  • You use an IDEA from a source that is not common knowledge.

When in doubt, cite it!