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PHR 410 – Religion in America: Introduction/Reference Sources

Devoted to understanding the complexities surrounding sacred objects of Native American provenance


1. If your specific site is not mentioned in the index, think about where it is geographically located. Remember broader, narrower, and related terms.


2. Be aware that spelling counts! Many names sound similar, but will take you in entirely different directions. It's like the difference between there, their, and they're. It's as easy as that to get confused, so make sure you are reading and writing about the right topic.


3. Consider carefully how you talk about Native practices/objects given the ethical considerations.


4. Also, as you look for info the following words will be helpful: 
Inuit or Eskimo (the cultural group)
Shamanism or animism (the type of religion they practice)


5. Talk to Lindsay and Marla at the Peabody. They are friendly and will not bite. ChuBbs is another story... watch out for that lil rodent.

Reference Databases

Reference Books

Here's a list of selected specialized reference books (available in the Garver Room) you may want to consider.

Remember, reference books CANNOT be checked out or leave the library. When you are done using them, please return reference books to the cart near the entrance to the Garver Room.

Subject Guide