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HSS 501/2/3 - Economics: Websites & Organizations

Searching for Economics Articles Online

There are a lot of economics articles freely available online. Here are the OWHL's top tips to help you search smarter:

• Adjust your search terms. Keep track of broader, narrower, and related terms, and use them in your searches. Be as specific as possible, too! You never know how an author is going to refer to something. Think of how many ways there are to say "employment": work, job, profession, occupation, industry...

• Consider the source. International and national organizations can provide a wealth of information, from research reports to statistical data. Always make sure you read the "About" section for every organization to determine their goals, interests, and quality standards. Don't confuse perspective for bias.

Popular Press Websites-Style Reports & Articles

Popular press is "popular" because it is accessible to the general population, meaning they can both easily find it and read it. Journalists and writers often cover contemporary issues, and will sometimes write new pieces based on scholarly journal articles and recently published data to help the general public understand complex academic topics.

Public Policy Centers & Think Tank Websites

Public policy organizations (also called think tanks) produce reports and studies of their own, typically in support of a specific policy. Be sure to read the "About" section to understand the organization's "slant" or point of view.

Scholarly Articles, Working Papers, & Research Essays from Website

Many authors and scholars make their academic work available to the public. It may be in the form of a "working paper," in which researchers ask for feedback before submitting it for publication. The following organizations have their own search engines that allow you to look for a variety of economics information and articles.

Country Reports & Data Websites

Current News Coverage Databases

Want to read the New York Times?

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