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Chicago Citation Guide (17th Edition): Welcome

Looking for Author-Date style?

This guide provides guidelines and examples for Chicago's Notes and Bibliography style.

If you're looking for help with the Author-Date style, check out this guide!

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Commonly Used Terms

Bibliography: Contains details on ALL the sources cited in a text or essay, and supports your research and/or premise.

Citation: The details about one source you are citing.

Citing: The process of acknowledging the sources of your information and ideas.

Footnotes: Notes placed at the end of the page in your paper to cite sources found on that page.

Paraphrasing: Taking information that you have read and putting it into your own words.

Plagiarism: Taking the ideas or words of another person and using them as your own.

Quoting: Copying words of text originally published elsewhere.

Shortened Footnote: A subsequent footnote that includes enough information for readers to find the full citation in your bibliography or in an earlier footnote.