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Chinese 642 - Chinese Current Events for Advanced Heritage Learners: Electronic Resources

Databases vs. Websites


  • Research done by professors, scholars, and journalists, etc.
  • Authority of information is verified by experts.
  • Paid for by the library.  Often very expensive!
  • Cannot be searched in Google.
  • Reliable and trustworthy!


  • Anyone can publish a website. 
  • The information included is often NOT verified by anyone.
  • Access is free.  No one is paying for the content.
  • Can be searched in a variety of search engines, including Google.
  • Must examine with a critical eye!

Recommended Electronic Databases

Multimedia 多媒体

The following titles are also recommended and worthwhile viewing and listening to.

China History DVD  to get all DVDs on Chinese History.

China Music to retrieve all Chinese music.

Top 10 in China Year in Review in China and beyond.

Chinese History in Video to watch and to listen to.

China in the world market [electronic resource] : Chinese industry and international sources of reform in the post-Mao era