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OWHLGuide in Support of the HUACA Project: Introduction

What is the HUACA Project?

The H.U.A.C.A. Project acronym stands for "Human Understanding through Archaeology and Cultural Awareness."  The indigenous Quechua word huaca refers to a sacred place or object such as a pyramid, or even a small stone. It is pronounced WAH-kah.

To learn more about the HUACA project, please visit The Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology.

Welcome to OWHL Guide for the HUACA Project!

¡Bienvenido a la página Web que hemos creado especialmente para ti!

Andean HUACA Project is for You, the Andover Students!

The Spanish Department and the Peabody Museum have once again teamed up to develop an exciting archaeological and linguistic expeditionary program for Andover students!  To learn about this unique education and language program, please visit both media sites below:
Andean HUACA Project in June 2013

Effective Ways of Doing Information Research

 The four key steps are to : Get Organized; Gather Information; Use the Information; and Reflect. To learn more about the details of a research process, please click Research without Pain.

You may also start with the Research section of the OWHL.

As always, we are happy to help you and show you more if you simply stop by the OWH Library.

Magical Peru #4 Huaca de la Luna