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Mendeley Citation Tool: Mendeley Reference Manager - Desktop

Describes the installation, use, tips and tricks of Mendeley's Reference Manager and desk top client.

Mendeley Reference Manager

     Mendeley Reference Manager can work in two states, online or offline. In the online mode, all materials are kept in the cloud. In the offline mode, materials are store on a device and one is not connected to your cloud account; once one connects to the cloud the offline work performed while disconnected will then be synchronized to the cloud account.

     Opening a Mendeley Reference Manager account allows the user to get to a working scratch writing pad, the 'Notebook,' an account profile, and immediate access to all of the references currently in the account's 'library.' One can sort the library by clicking on 'AUTHORS,' 'YEAR,' 'TITLE,' 'SOURCE,' 'ADDED,' and 'FILE.' The default display of references is by the most recent citation added to the library.    

Mendeley Reference Manager


     The Notebook can be accessed by clicking on 'Notebook.' 

Mendeley RM Notebook