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CHM250 - Chemistry in Everyday Life: Mr. Robinson


Connecting Chemical Principles to Everyday Life

From Mr. Robinson's assignment:

I have listed the following questions as your starting points and given you a few of the obvious connections to classroom material. Your job is to do some research, either in the text or using reliable sources (chemical references or reliable internet sources) to learn a little bit about each topic and write a clear, interesting paper that CONNECTS chemical principles to the question.  You may need to focus on one part of the question or group several ideas together.

Details:            •  #1 due on Fri, April 15th and the #2 due on Fri, May 6th
                        •  Upload to canvas by the due date and time for full credit
                        •  Font should be Times 12pt and spacing 1.5 at the max
                        ‚Äč•  Include research sources – use MLA style  (see OWHL page) and footnote
                           where necessary. 
                            Be sure to USE YOUR   OWN WORDS


1.  How do hot/cold packs work?  Investigate the chemistry of a hot or cold pack.  What chemical(s) are used?  What factors might determine choice of a salt?  Why does it get hot/cold? 
Connections: solvation of a salt, thermochemical equations, 1st law of thermodynamics

2.  How do batteries work?
Investigate a type of battery and explain how redox reactions are used to create energy.
Connections:  oxidation - reduction reactions

3.  How does a nuclear reactor (or bomb) work?
How are nuclear reactions harnessed to create energy?  What elements are used and what parts of the atoms are involved?Connections:  nuclear chemistry, atomic structure

4.  What is electroplating?  How exactly is this process carried out?  Why is it commonly used?
Connections:  oxidation - reduction reactions