HSS 501 - Brexit: Think Tanks

A compilation of the latest official government documents and current "Think Tank" thoughts.

Think Tanks and Research Institutes

A 'Think Tank' is a a body of experts providing advice and ideas on specific political or economic problems. Most are non-profit organizations but some are supported by governments, advocacy groups, businesses, or independent funding agencies. A few think tanks offer consulting services, reports, lectures, experts in the field to promote their services and agendas.  

Think Tanks, Who are They?

Below are listed several of the more known think tanks. Some of the links below are to recent publications of the think tank while other links direct one to the general website. For those general website links make sure to search the site using "Brexit."

Brookings Institute

Cato Institute

Center for European Policy Studies

Center for European Reform

Center for Global Development

European Council on Foreign Relations

European Parliamentary Research Service

Institute of Fiscal Studies

Netherlands Institute of International Relations

Peterson Institute for International Economics