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HSS 495 - Senior Research & Writing Seminar: Elections 2022

Elections 2020

Research Assignment – 2022 Elections


At a minimum, your presentation should address the following:

  • Brief biographies of the leading candidates, including primary results where relevant.
  • Positions of candidates on key national and local issues > abortion, criminal justice reform, economy (inflation and tax cuts), education, gun control, health care, immigration, tax cuts, tariffs, international relations, etc. Be sure to visit the official websites of the candidates.
  • Recent polling information…any shifts in recent weeks/months?
  • Key endorsements for either side > newspapers, organizations, political leaders?
  • Voting trends in the state during the past 20 years > President, Governor, Senate, House races.
  • Share any noteworthy speeches, video clips, ads, etc.

Polling and Political News

Getting to Know the Candidate