ENG200 - Mother Tongue: Introduction

An OWHL Guide for English 200 Students - Mother Tongue, by Demetria Martinez,

ENG200 - Mother Tongue

In this class you will read the novel, Mother Tongue, by Demetria Martinez.  This is the story of a young girl, Mary, as she falls in love with an El Salvadoran refugee, Jose Luis, who comes to the U.S. as part of the sanctuary movement.  This guide provides links to some resources for the assignment:

  • Gather useful information to provide context for yourself and classmates as you read the novel.  Use the library resources provided in the guide to find articles, references, biographies, photographs/illustrations, and facts that provide either historical or literary background for better understanding of the events in the novel.   Be prepared to share how what you've learned illuminates themes and events in the story.

Some search terms to use are:  El Salvador, Archbishop Oscar Romero, refugees.  You may also want to search for information with the author's name and book title in the literary databases.

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