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Tips for Success


  • Know how to spell your scientific concepts correctly
  • Know alternative names/spellings 
  • In the sciences, you are not so much concerned with a thesis; your main focus is to explain aspects clearly.
  • Start Early. Proper research takes time. The better your research, the easier writing the paper will be.  




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The Assignment

CHM580C Final Paper/Presentation Assignment Detail


Your assignment is to write a summary of a single selected original research article from the primary chemistry literature (review papers are NOT allowed.)  Your paper should be 7 – 9 double spaced pages in length, including any graphs or figures.  YOUR CHOSEN RESEARCH ARTICLE MUST BE APPROVED BY MS. HILTON BEFORE YOU BEGIN WRITING YOUR PAPER.  The objective of this paper is to develop the skills of reading scientific literature and working to understand the entire scope of a research article rather than a few select facts.  Even though you are writing about a single article, writing your paper will require you to do additional background research to understand your chosen article and effectively explain it to the reader.  You should have at least 8 different sources (you will most likely end up with many more than this) and no more than three of your sources can be general reference books or websites.  A great place to begin looking for sources is the references section of your selected paper!  Please cite your sources using APA style endnotes (not footnotes).


You will also present your chosen article to the class in a 10-minute presentation.  The use of Powerpoint or another presentation software is strongly encouraged.


You can't do your best if you don't plan ahead!

Research is a process with a lot of steps.  There are no shortcuts if you want to do your best work.  To be successfull in the research process, get organized, gather information, use information, and reflect on your final product. 

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