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Spanish 521 Understanding Latin America: Introduction

This guide is designed to support Ms. Munoz-Fernandez's Spanish 521 course.

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Course Project

Latin American Perspectives (Spanish 521):

This term we are focusing on cultural representations of Latin America, and as part of the course, the students will do an in-depth study of one Latin American artist (Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Fernando Botero, etc.) 

On Jan. 25th, the students will share their research by putting up a wall display at the OWHL's Art Gallery to educate the rest of the students on Latin America's artistic representations.  

Effective Ways of Doing Information Research

 The four key steps are to : Get Organized; Gather Information; Use the Information; and Reflect. To learn more about the details of a research process, please click Research without Pain.


You may also start with the Research section of the OWHL.

As always, we are happy to help you and show you more if you simply stop by the OWH Library.

A Friendly Reminder

Research is a process with a lot of steps.  There are no shortcuts if you want to do your best work.  The best way to get your assignment done well and on time is to start early.

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