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ENG 200C - Writing to Read, Reading to Write : Finding Books

Welcome to the Research Guide for ENG 200C!

Secondary Sources - Books in Print and E-Books

undefinedWhen you are ready to look for more detailed secondary sources with information on your topic, search for books.  On this page, you will find the OWHL's best ways to access print books and e-Books.  It is not essential for you to read the whole book when you are trying to find material on your topic.  Keep in mind that you should look for the Table of Contents and the Index when you need to quickly get to the relevant section of a non-fiction work.





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Search the OWHL Catalog

   Oliver Wendell Holmes Library Catalog


How to Search the OWHL Catalog

When you find an book in the catalog that is particularly helpful for your research, look on the record to find the Subject Heading, a fixed field assigned by the Library of Congress to all published books, and click on the hyperlink. It should lead you to other books in the collection on your topic under the same Subject Heading in our catalog. 

Websites with Free E-Books

***In Noodletools, cite this source by answering the prompts this way:  "Where is it"? --> Website, "What is it"? --> Book.  

Find e-Books in the OWHL Catalog

When using the OWHL Catalog, be sure to filter the FORMAT for "Book - Electronic" to find only e-Books on your topic.  The record in the catalog will contain all the information you need for your citation, except page number.  Save the perma-link at the bottom of the e-book record page to be able to get back to the book, or enter the citation immediately into Noodletools (MLA Style) so you have the information and don't have to find the e-Book again, once you are finished.

Finding e-Books in Internet Archive

The link for the Internet Archive, in the box to the left, has been filtered to all the books that Phillips Academy owns in print, and which have been scanned to use electronically.  However, you also may find thousands of books from other institutions, using your particular search term. If there is a "borrow" button on which to click, you will need to create a FREE Internet Archive account, using your P.A. e-mail address to see the full contents of the book.  Older titles do not have to be electronically borrowed, as they are out of copyright, so you have access to those without creating an account.  


On this page, you will find links to some e-Books that may be helpful for your research.  If you wish to browse for other e-Books, check the links on the next tab of this Guide to search on your own!