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HSS 593 - Natural Causes: How Climate Change Wrote History: Secondary Sources: Books, E-Books, Journal Articles & More

An OWHL guide with resources to support the history research for this interdisciplinary course.

Finding & Using Secondary Sources

On this page, you'll find links for secondary sources.  In the catalog you may search for subject-specific print and electronic books.  If you find a book that is useful, be sure to click on the "subject headings" link on the record for that book in the catalog, and it will list any other books in our collection under the same subject heading.  When you are looking for something more specific, conduct a search for journal articles.  As these are much shorter than books, they are also much more focused and represent academic work by scholars and researchers in the field.  Start with books and then look for journal articles.  Other secondary sources could include films and websites found on this page. 

Pro Tip:  In your search for secondary sources, you should look at the bibliographies of useful books and articles to find sources those authors used.  If you find a book in the bibliography, look it up in the catalog.  If you find a journal article, look for the journal it is from in the Full-Text Finder (in the Quick Link Box on this page).  You should type in the name of the journal first, and then search for the article from there.  If you need help, don't hesitate to ask a librarian!  

Quick Links

Video on Climate and Migration

Sometimes documentary films may give you great information in a secondary source format.  The video below is from a subscription database from the OWHL Database A-Z list, Classroom Video: Films on Demand.  Don't forget to look in MediaSpace for streaming options (only available to community members).  And, of course, there are often wonderful documentary films and clips that can be found freely on YouTube (website).  

**Cite this source below as a videorecording from a database.

Subscription Databases - Journal Articles

If you are looking for a specific citation and want to find out if we have access, use the Full-Text Finder in the Quick Links box on this page and type in the name of the journal to see if we have access in our databases, then find the specific issue and article from there.  Never pay for anything online!  If you need help finding something or have a citation and need access, ask a librarian.  If we don't have it in our databases, we will request it for you.

Selected Books in Print

Websites with Secondary Source Material

Selected E-Books

***Cite any e-book below as a book from a database, not as an e-book.  That way, you'll have the correct form in which you will be able to include the link for the e-book.  So, in NT, choose "Where is it"? --> Database (or Website if you are finding a book on the web, as in the Internet Archive, for example), "What is it"? --> Book.