Sustainability Scholars Research Guide: Citation

This guide was created as a tool for the students who have been accepted as Sustainability Scholar finalists. It is designed to provide access to resources they may need during their research.

Citation Overview

When writing your paper, you will use the MLA citation format; MLA uses in-text, parenthetical references instead of footnotes/endnotes. The resources below are designed to help you determine when, and how, to cite your sources. 

OWHL Answers - Information

For the majority of the process you can work directly with Mr. Curtis or Ms. Goss however, if you have a quick question, especially in relation to a citation, and you can't reach one of us right away, the chat box below is a great way to connect with the OWHL's reference team, during regular OWHL hours.

Save Time with Noodletools

Neglecting to track your sources as you move through the research process will cost you HOURS of precious time at the of your work. 

Feel free to use whatever citation tools you find helpful, but one option is Noodletools (click the image below to get started).

Noodletools will not only help you create your in-text citations and bibliography, it can also help you stay organized.  When you create a project, you have the ability to record, link, and track your sources, attach notecards, make an outline, export a bibliography, and copy/paste in-text citations into your paper.  You can also share your project with your advisor, Mrs. Guerette and/or Mr. Curtis and Ms. Goss, and flag items you have questions about. 

For your final Sustainability Scholar paper, select MLA Style for your bibliography and in-text citations, and make sure you choose the "advanced" option to get the most types of citation forms.  If you have any questions about citations, please let us know ( or We are here to help!

OWHL Playback: Getting Started with NoodleTools

Purdue University Writing Lab: MLA Formatting & Style Guide

Noodletools is a great option for citation formatting, note-taking, etc., however, if you have a citation question, the Purdue University Writing Lab's website is a helpful resource for additional formatting and style questions.