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Spanish 403: Mexico Culture: Course Reserves & eBooks

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Parts of a book

Besides the main content of a book, the parts of a book itself can provide information useful for research.  The main parts of a book include:

Table of Contents: An outline or breakdown of the different chapters of a book.

Bibliography: The list of works used in the research of the book; useful for finding more informaiton on a topic.

Index: The list of key words, often including people and place names, used in the book and the page numbers for where those words appear; typically the last section of a book. Useful for knowing whether a specific person or term is referenced within the book.

Other possible sections include:

Appendix: The part or parts of a book that provide additional information to the main text; usually found near the back of the book.

Glossary: The section that defines key terms used in the book; usually found near the back of the book.


Course Reserves on Muralists

Reference materials don't provide all the answers. After getting an overview and taking notes from reference sources, you will need to find more detailed sources on your topic. The OWHL librarians and your teachers have already pre-selected a group of reserve books that should be most helpful to you.

For a list of your course reserves, please click here:  

If you need more books, please conduct your own catalog search for both printed and eBooks on your topic  Mural painting and decoration, Mexican via Evergreen catalog.

Dartmouth's Orozco Mural, "The Epic of American Civilization"

eBooks on Mexican Muralists and Their Murals