ENG100 - How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents: Introduction

This guide has been created for Mr. Bynum's English 100 class. It features resources that provide context for the novel, How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, by Julia Alvarez.


This guide contains links to resources for the class assignment:


  1. Research the Dominican dictator Trujillo using at least three secondary sources from the library and create a concrete timeline showing his rise and fall. By concrete, the timeline must be tangible, so you will need either a poster or poster board for submission. Compose a 300-word reflection in which you discuss how and why you used your sources in the timeline. (300 words)


 Possible search terms are:  Horacio Vasquez, Rafael Trujillo, Rafael Estrella Urena, Servicio de Inteligencia de Militar, Dominican   Republic, Parsley Massacre, Hull-Trujillo Treaty, Romulo Betancourt, Mirabal Sisters


How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents