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HSS 544 - Vikings: Introduction & Reference Sources


Welcome to the Vikings OWHL Guide!The terrible Vikings. These robust chessmen come f

Click on the tabs above to see each relevant type of source available for your research assignment. 

On this tab/page you will find reference sources with which to begin your research.  As you search in these tertiary sources, be sure to take notes on people, places, and dates.  Also note any different spellings or alternative terminology used.  Your notes will help focus your searches when you are looking for secondary and primary source material.

To find online reference sources, use the OWHL's online subscription databases, below, to help you get started on your research. For the full list of the OWHL's subscription databases, use the "Databases A-Z" link on this guide or on the library homepage.  Also, below are a few digitized reference books, or REF E-Books, to find reference articles.  Citing these can be tricky, so if you need help, please chat with a librarian on "OWHL Answers".

If you have any questions, please see one of the librarians at the Help Desk!


Image:   The terrible Vikings. These robust chessmen come from a Viking hoard discovered on the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides, and date from the eleventh or twelfth centuries. (British Museum; Photoresources)

How to Use Reference Sources

Reference Sources will give you an overview of your topic.  You should not be spending a lot of your research time with reference sources, but you should always begin the research process with them.  An overview will help determine the boundaries of your topic, find subtopics, and consider which of these are most interesting to you or relevant to your assignment.   As you read short reference articles, you should be looking to answer the who, what, when and where of your topic.  Your reading and note-taking on reference materials will also provide you with alternate terminology that will be highly useful as you craft keyword searches to find secondary and primary sources.  

Never hesitate to ask a librarian for help.  We know where to find resources in our library, or beyond, if necessary.  Save yourself time - we are here for you!

Quick Links

Reference Databases

Reference Books in the Garver Room

Below is a list of selected print reference sources available in the Garver Room (a.k.a. Silent Study).  Type your specific topic (for example: "viking age") into the Reference Universe tool to find even more reference material in Garver, along with index entry pages and call numbers to locate the reference book.

Reference E-Books