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OWHL Scholars Program 2024-2025: About



The Oliver Wendell Holmes Library (OWHL) Scholars Program provides students with the opportunity to have an intensive, interdisciplinary, and fun research experience using the library’s resources and collections. Mentored by a member of the library team, the scholar will develop an interdisciplinary project that will enhance their library knowledge and skills while contributing to the growing student scholarship and academic conversation at Phillips Academy (PA). 


OWHL Scholars will:

  • learn about and work with the library team to explore the library’s resources and services; 

  • develop critical research and archival skills; 

  • engage deeply with library collections and/or resources to support an interdisciplinary, scholarly and/or creative project; and 

  • create a final product that contributes to the scholarly conversation at PA and supports the library’s mission. 

All accepted OWHL Scholars will have five components to their research project:

  • an annotated bibliography;
  • a final product proposal; 
  • a final product; a five-page reflective essay;
  • and a presentation (please see the timeline tab for more information). 


Throughout the duration of the program, OWHL scholars participate in multiple modes of learning that will help them explore and understand the purpose and work of libraries, information literacy, and the ways communities use libraries. The OWHL Scholars Program prepares scholars for a more nuanced understanding of scholarly communication and for a more effective and creative use of the library.


These learning experiences include: 

  • Introduction to the Library Collections, Services, and Spaces: OWHL Scholars will be introduced to the library’s many services. Students will work with and meet library team members from all library departments (Research and Instruction, Collections and Access Services, Archives & Special Collections, and Makerspace) to understand the many facets of the OWHL and see how the different resources of the OWHL can enhance their project.  

  • Mentorship and Research Experience: Each OWHL Scholar will be paired with a librarian who will mentor the student in their research, use of the library collections, and their development and creation of their final product. 

  • Participation in a Cohort Community: Meetings will be held for OWHL Scholars to collaborate with other OWHL Scholars. Scholars must attend the first meeting before they leave for the summer break, 1-2 meetings over Zoom in the summer, and a meeting in the fall when they return to school. 

  • Scholarly and/or Creative Final Product: This product, which could take one of many formats (scholarly paper, art exhibit, podcast production, children's book, and more), furthers the mission of the OWHL, engages deeply with a facet of the library/archival collections, and contributes to the scholarly community of PA. Each OWHL Scholar will present their final product to the PA community. The presentation style/format may vary based on the type of final product they create. Each Scholar will receive guidance from their mentor and the Program Director.  

  • Self-Reflection: Scholars will reflect on their experiences as a library user, library researcher, and participant/observer of a scholarly conversation. This reflection will be a 5-page reflective essay and will be due after their presentation.

Additionally, if possible, the final product will be included in the Archives and Special Collections Digital Repository. 

Program Director


All OWHL Scholars will be able to spend up to $250 for resources needed to complete their project. Scholars' expenses must be approved by their mentors.


The program is open to all rising uppers and rising seniors unless you are currently a CAMD, BRACE, or Sustainability Scholar or will be spending a semester abroad.