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Marine Biology for Summer Session: Home

This guide is to support the Summer Session's Marine Biology classes.

Tips for Scientific Success

  • Know alternative names/spellings for your topic
  • Your main focus is to ask a specific research question and answer it using evidence.
  • Start Early. Proper research takes time.  The better your research, the easier you will find writing the paper.  
  • Keep Track of your work. Make sure to have all data to proper cite your research. 
  • Take Time to Review. Edit and reflect on the work you have completed, BEFORE you hand it in.

Welcome to OWHLGuides

OWHLGuides are the Library's maps to the resources available through the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library. The guide will list reference sources, books, journals, and websites that are useful for your studies this summer. There are also tabs for building appropriate citations  and bibliographies so that you abide by all of the academic integrity rules and don't plagiarize. 

OWHLGuides provide you with a quick and easy way to find which library services and resources will be appropriate for this class.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me or any of the professional librarians.

Research Projects TAKE TIME

Research is a process with a lot of steps.  If you want to do your best work, there are no shortcuts.  Make sure to plan your time wisely so that you have time to review your work BEFORE the projects deadline. Review your work, let it sit overnight and review one last time before turning it in. Build in the time. 


Help our ocean

Help our ocean