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Marine Biology for Summer Session: Articles

This guide is to support the Summer Session's Marine Biology classes.

Quick Links

Search Tips

When searching for scientific articles, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Always spell your disease correctly
  • Use the scientific name as well as the common name when searching
  • Use the tools of the database to help you
    • Instead of keywords, use subject searching
    • Disease subjects usually have "subdivisions"
    • Limit your searches to full-text
  • ASK A librarian for help

Finding Newspaper Articles

  1. National Papers-- Well reputed national type papers often will discuss and unpack scientific breakthroughs and experiments.  You can use the Internet to help you find these articles.  Two well-known newspapers are listed below:
  2. Newspaper Source -- A database containing articles from hundreds of local and national papers. 
  3. Google Search -- Use Google to search for newspaper articles by searching for your topics in Google and adding the name of your local/hometown paper. 

Finding science articles

When book information is too broad and general, articles in databases can provide more narrow, subject-specific information.

The following are excellent first-stop databases for nearly any research topic.


Sometimes searching a well-known magazine or journal will give you a good article to use as the basis of your research. For science topics, two of the best titles are Scientific American and Science

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