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OWHL TEDx_Phillips Academy: About

About TEDx_Phillips Academy

About TEDx at PA

The OWHL will host a TEDx Event (on 4/27/24) where live TED-like talks and presentations will be shared with the PA community and recorded and loaded to TED for viewers worldwide. All TEDx Events are fully planned independently by community members without TED. The TEDx_Phillips Academy organizing committee includes team members from the OWHL, Polk, and Theatre departments; the OWHL Student Advisory Board; and other faculty and staff partners across campus. This year, the theme for the conference is "The New Normal: Youth Voices in a Fractured Age." This theme should lightly guide your talk, but is meant to be loosely interpreted and unpacked. We welcome your unique, thought-provoking, fun, and inspiring ideas!

TEDx Topics

While our TEDx theme is "The New Normal: Youth Voices in a Fractured Age," the organizing committee encourages all applicants to think big! This theme is intentionally broad as we want applicants to have the freedom to be creative. The main goal of your TEDx talk should be to "spark conversation, connection, and community" and that can be done in a variety of ways. Below are some resources from TED to help assist you with your application and eventual TEDx talk, if accepted.

What is a TEDx Talk?

TEDx Topics A to Z (for inspiration)

TEDx Speaker Guide

TEDx Content Guidelines



Eligibility & Application

This program is open to all PA students. Please read through the "Application" section of this libguide to learn more about the process. Additionally, we strongly recommend all interested students come to our TEDx Open House on 2/2/24 before submitting their application. If you have any questions please email 


Subject Guide