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Chinese Geography & Its People: Reference Sources Plus

Reference Books vs. Circulating Books 参考书与流通书

Reference books should only be used for an overview, and not as one of your major sources.  Because reference book articles are short, you are not going to find the level of detail required to write a successful paper.

Circulating books offers more specific information on one major subject with lots of details in its further subdivision.  You may also find lots of supporting materials via facts, personal experience or survey as well as possible some statistics.  It takes you to a deeper level of research.

Garver Reference Room

The Garver Room houses the library’s main reference collection.  Use reference materials, such as almanacs, fact books, dictionaries and encyclopedias to get an overview of key terms and concepts related to your topics as a way to begin the research process.

Where can I find them?

Reference books are located in the Garver Room (silent study room).

  • Reference books CANNOT be checked out or leave the library.
  • Please return reference books to the Garver Room when you're done using them.
  • All reference books will have the prefix REF before the call number.

Circulating books are located in the stacks. 

  • Please use the Stack Directory in the Main Help Desk area or ask librarians.
  • If you don't find a circulating book in the stack, you may check 1) Books around the slot where it should be; 2) The shelves with "To be shelved" in the stacks; 3) Ask the librarian at the Circulation Desk to see if it is just returned.
  • Librarians can help you to get a copy via an Interlibrary Loan service.

Get an Overview with Reference Sources 参考资料

Questions & Answers 有问有答

Q. Dear librarian,

Q. After I searched the NOBLE Catalog, I found one of the items I like to read having a call number like this:  C951 M12YI.  what does it mean and where I can find it?

A. This prefix means this item is in Chinese language. You can find it in the regular stacks for all books in the range of 951. 

Q. What is "四合院“?

A. Please check this unique word via Oxford Languages Online Dictionary under四合院.  To learn more about Beijing, you may check out 北京胡同。 

Q. What does "太极-Tai ji" mean? 

A. "Tai"means supreme , "ji" means ultimate.  "Tai Chi" means supreme ultimate.   However in the U.S., this term is frequently referring to Taichi chuan, (太极拳), a form of Martial Arts.

Q. What is 京剧?

A.  It means Peking opera.  Please check it out via 京剧。 

Ms. Pei