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MLA Citation Guide (9th Edition): ChatGPT or Other Generative AI

ChatGPT or Other Generative AI


Works Cited List Citation

“Text of prompt” prompt. ChatGPT, Day Month version, OpenAI, Day Month Year,

Note:  MLA advises that if you use an AI tool like ChatGPT or Bing AI to locate sources and then use those sources in your work (rather than using the AI-generated text itself), you only need to cite the sources you actually used, not the AI tool used to find them. MLA also states that if you used an AI tool to edit your writing or translating words, you should acknowledge this at an appropriate point in your text or in a note.


"Tell me about confirmation bias” prompt. ChatGPT, 13 Feb. version, OpenAI, 16 Feb. 2023,

In-Text Citation

("Abbreviated prompt")



("Tell me about")